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IMATT College was formed in June, 2009 with the aim of providing quality education, and to help generate job oriented programmes that will help to shape the society in which we inhabit.  Since its formation, the college has enriched the lives of many students across the Manor River Union Sub-region. Today, it is increasingly becoming the leader in distance and flexible study in West Africa.

IMATT College is managed by Amadu Justice Bah who has large fund of experience in managing educational programmes. Mr. Amadu Sidi Bah is the acting head of the undergraduate laws department and a graduate of University of London and He was a recipient of the highest awards in 2016/17 academic year at the Sierra Leone Law School. IMATT College is managed currently by the chair, Amadu Justice Bah who is as well the chairman of the Board of Directors. 

The Academic / Examination Board is chaired by the Academic Affairs Manager together with three other members who are mainly responsible for the effective supervision and monitoring of the IMATT College Dialogue Form (a performance management tool to help lecturers effectively plan their teaching objectives agreed upon before they lecture) This Board is responsible for giving orientation to new lectures and reporting on students’ evaluation of all teaching staffs. The Academic Board supervises the conduct of all internal examinations and assesses students’ performance in relation to lectures’ input for both local and external examinations.