IMATT Quran Memorisation Centre

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In an effort to promote enlightened generation with authentic knowledge, the IMATT College has established a Quran Memorisation Centre which provides the opportunity for children and young people to learn and memorise the book of the creator of the Heavens and the Earth. Learning and memorizing the book of Allah is indeed a great thing in life. According to erudite Islamic scholars, when children learn and memorise the Quran, it would help them greatly in developing their thinking capacity and retentive ability.

It is rather unfortunate today in our society where there are lots of misconceptions on Islamic education. Most of our people say that Islamic education has no office. Our people need to understand that an individual is not learning Islam to secure job. The purpose of imbibing  Islamic education is to live a life of dignity with a high moral esteem that goes in accordance with the laws of Allah and the practices of the final and last messenger, Muhammad (May the peace and blessings of  Allah be upon him).

Therefore, IMATT College Quran Memorisation Centre helps provide the opportunity for children to learn with moral values, and improve their thinking and retentive ability. At IMATT Quran Memorisation Centre, we believe that giving a child Islamic education could not only help that child to live a life of obedience to Allah but also enables a child to be cleaver in his or her academic work. History had proven that students who learn Quran are more cleaver than those that are not learning Quran.

Come and enroll your children at IMATT Quran Memorisation Centre.