Public Legal Education

207 0 Street Law Diary

IMATT College organised a one-day Public Legal Education Programme at the IMATT International Secondary School, Kingtom, Freetown on the 19th October, 2018. The Programme is funded by Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA).

The IMATT College enlightened the pupils of IMAT International Secondary School on the Child Rights Act which was enacted by the Sierra Leone Parliament on the 13th Day of July, 2007. At the end of the programme, the pupils were able to understand who is a child, the rights of a child, the responsibilities of a child, the employment of a child, punishment for violating the Child Rights Act, and what they should do whenever their rights are violated. The Principal of IMATT International Secondary School, Mrs. Princella Bull was very delighted and that she recommended that the programme should be taken to other secondary schools in Sierra Leone.

The media coverage was good. We invited the Africa Young Voice (AYV) to cover the programme. The Video News clip and a copy of their Newspaper on the programme were secured.

On the 27th October, 2018, IMATT College organised a one-day Street Laws Public Legal Education Programme for the Kingtom Community People at the IMATT College Campus.  IMATT College educated the community people on the Child Rights Act, the Domestic Violence Act and the Adoption Act.

Mr. Abu Bakarr Tarawally and Mr. Bambay, who were amongst those who participated, were very happy for the Street Laws Public Legal Education Programme. However, they raised concerns that IMATT College should try to work with laws enforcement authorities to ensure that these laws are implemented.

Ronissa Harleston and Favour Peters, who are students of the IMATT College, did their presentations on the Child Rights Act and the Domestic Violence Act. The Programme was chaired by the IMATT College Communication Officer who also did a presentation on the Adoption Act.

Media coverage was somehow not good. We invited four media houses and only three were seen during the programme.  Freetown Television Network, Standard Times Newspaper and the Awareness Times Newspaper. All these media houses were there and they took transfare but only Freetown Television Network broadcast the programme.