IMATT College is strategically located in an area-home renowned for education. The location is called Kingtom and it is absolutely comfortable for learning and it is in the central part of Freetown. However, we have outsourced the security arrangement with a reputable company that provides 24/7 security service.


For efficiency, we have outsourced a large printing area within the IMATT College campus. Our entrance is flat and very friendly. We also have projectors that we use in delivering lectures.


In an effort to provide a world-class education, we offer a range of other services to our students. The College also manages a range of high-quality student accommodation in Freetown and Conakry where students can mix with others from across the globe.


IMATT College has four lecture rooms. Lecture rooms 1 and 2 sit 30 students and lecture room 3 and 4 sit 45 students. The school uses whiteboards and projectors for LLB classrooms and blackboards for other programmes. We have adequate self-study areas for our students and we change lecture rooms settings to use as moot courts when needed.


The school presently organizes indoor games for students, cocktails and parties each semester during the organization of our public lectures.


We operate a lending library but for students, they are primarily reliant on their visual library which they access from our wireless internet on campus. IMATT College runs sessions on how to make the most of your Virtual Learning Environment during your student life with the International Programmes and make it a requirement that all students admitted to the school have personal lap tops computers or i-pads to enable them access the wireless internet connection. IMATT College offers basic computer training to a number of students who are not familiar with the use of computer.